Upcoming Training Course Selection

Looking for world-class training to assure your team has the knowledge, skills and attitude for success in 2015? With Interstate’s Corporate Training Centers, your team will be professionally trained and certified by our own team of training experts. We guarantee the most current knowledge is presented during all of our workshops, seminars and customized coaching sessions. Our trainers use structured exercises, role-play and written assessments to measure your staff’s ability to apply the practiced skill in the real world.

We are now offering the following training courses:

  • F&I Certification Training – This live, 3-day course illustrates the importance of the F&I introduction, personality triggers, menu methodology, objection handling and compliance awareness.
  • Advanced F&I Training – We lead the group learning by exploring each other’s real-world experience. Key Performance Identifiers (KPIs) are collected to compare the attendees’ strengths and gaps.
  • Total Customer Yield – This course that is specifically aimed at GMs, GSMs, Service Managers and Sales Managers to increase the customer experience, while generating higher profits per unit sold.

Check out our upcoming training dates and locations here.