Master Your VSC and Extended Warranty Selling Skills for RV, Marine and Powersports Owners

Spring is in the air, which means it’s prime season for customers to start shopping for new summer toys. We’re not talking about a new bucket and shovel set to make sand castles; we’re taking about watercrafts, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs. These major investments will get plenty of use this summer, and it would be very unfortunate if the owners weren’t able to enjoy their new purchases to the fullest due to an unexpected breakdown and high repair costs. With a service contract or extended warranty coverage, these repair bills can be easily avoided and the customer can get back to enjoying their summer in no time. Follow these helpful tips below when upselling an extended service contract or VSC to your RV, marine and powersports customers.

Sell Them on the Long-Term Benefits

A common objection many customers use when offered extended service coverage is the classic, “Thanks, but I’ll take my chances.” This could be because they do not see the instant, short-term benefits of this coverage; they know their major investment has a very small chance of breaking down its first mile off the lot. Try to focus the customer on the long-term coverage benefits. For starters, let them know that the newer their vehicle is, the lower their coverage rates will be. Also, extended warranty coverage is somewhat of a hedge against increased prices. Once they purchase a contract, the administrator can’t come to them three years later asking for more money because repair prices have gone up. Extended warranty coverage can also increase the resale value of their vehicle, which will also provide a potential buyer some peace of mind.

Help Them Get the Most Out of Their Coverage

Before your customers purchase any coverage, it’s crucial they have a firm understanding and realistic expectation of what should happen if a claim is filed. Go over the contract thoroughly with them to ensure they know what is and isn’t covered with their plan. Make sure to remind them the importance of performing routine, manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, as well as maintaining the receipts and records. When you provide the customers with this insight and walk them through the contract’s features, it will build a trusting relationship and make them feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Don’t Get Pushy

After you’ve talked about the coverage and given as much information as possible to let them make an informed decision, step back and let the consumer make their own decision. If you start to get too pushy, it will come off disrespectful, desperate and essentially “push” a customer away. If they decide to not purchase the coverage, be sincere and let them know they can always change their mind later.

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