Interstate National Announces Major Upgrade to the Popular “StarProtect” Vehicle Service Contract Program

Atlanta, GA  June 24, 2014

Interstate National, a leading provider of extended warranties and vehicle service contracts, announces a major upgrade of its popular StarProtect service contract program for automotive dealers and consumers throughout North America.

The StarProtect program is offered through a large network of independent agents across North America to automotive dealers, who in turn sell StarProtect vehicle service contracts to purchasers of used vehicles.

“The original StarProtect program was carefully designed to provide comprehensive coverage at a competitive price in an easy-to-understand format,” said Dave Pakula, Vice President of Product Development for Interstate National in Atlanta.

“Now, based on agent and dealer feedback, we’ve made a number of important upgrades to make StarProtect even more appealing. These include broader coverage for more vehicles, with increased mileage eligibility for longer terms, as well as benefit enhancements and unique term additions,” Pakula explained.

“We want ours to be the go-to, most preferred product of its kind in the marketplace, and that is why we have made these improvements. We are confident this will allow us to double our sales of StarProtect in the coming 12 months,” he said.

As examples of the unique terms in the new StarProtect program, Pakula said, “We now offer 3 month/ 4,500 mile and 6 month/7,500 mile special term options for customers who may want some initial protection but are not ready to commit to a longer term contract. The longer mileage adds value to the short term contract. By contrast 3 month/3,000 mile and 6 month/6,000 mile terms are more typical in the industry.”