Ancillary Products: A Dealership’s Bottom Line Booster

Have you even gone to a doctor’s appointment and been asked, “Let’s take a look at those ancillaries, shall we?” Well, maybe you haven’t been asked that EXACT question, but you probably didn’t know you were asked something similar. Instead of ancillaries, your doctor wanted to check your temperature, blood pressure or reflexes. Now, picture this same scenario for your customers’ vehicles. The mechanic would check the condition of the windshield, tires and exterior. Some people don’t think this kind of inspection is vital to their vehicle’s general condition. However, if these components go a long time without the proper attention, it could lead to costly repairs that insurance companies won’t cover. People can purchase coverage for these sectors in the form of an ancillary to protect their vehicle and wallet in the long run. In this article, we will show you why ancillaries will boost your dealership’s bottom line and the best practices of selling them during a signing.

Get to know some of our products:


Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) pays the difference (the gap) between the customers’ loan balance at the time of an incident and the amount paid by the insurance company.


Interstate’s theft protection helps to prevent vehicle theft and aid with recovery in the event a theft does occur. More importantly, the program assists in the financial trauma resulting from theft.

Tire & Wheel

Our tire & wheel protection provides coverage in the event of damage to vehicle tires or wheels as a result of metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, blowouts and other road hazards.

Lease Wear and Tear

Lease wear & tear protection from Interstate eliminates the worry of additional expenses at lease turn-in time. Your customers can drive with the peace of mind knowing that potential wear and tear costs such as paint damage and interior upholstery are waived at lease turn-in.

Why Ancillaries are Becoming Popular with Customers

Your customers may have limited budgets but want comprehensive protection for their vehicles. Behold the ancillaries: the industry’s biggest win-win. Customers may not be willing to spend the money for more expensive protection but will gladly take a more economical option for vehicle protection. It makes sense that they are becoming the popular protection option, since ancillaries have been reported to produce between 15-20% of monthly F&I income. This proves that cost-effective customers are willing to purchase “a la carte” protection for their vehicles instead of an entire protection plan.

Best Practices to Close on Ancillaries

Once you have the customer in the F&I office to sign all the necessary paperwork, follow these simple tips to increase your chances for an ancillary sale. A relaxed and open body language will help put the customer at ease and by mixing the mandatory paperwork with the optional ancillaries documentation, it will lower their hesitation and increase their likelihood to sign (make sure to be clear which documents are mandatory and optional). When presenting optional coverage, consider putting the benefit of this coverage in monetary terms for the budget-minded customers. To discover other best practices to selling ancillaries or other sales principles, register for our sales development e-learning center for the latest industry training at your fingertips.

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We want to hear from you! As a customer, did you add an ancillary to protect your vehicle? Dealerships, what has been your experience with selling ancillaries to your customers?