WE PROVIDE confidence stability value strength solutions

At Interstate National Dealer Services, we sell an intangible product. We provide and sell the feeling of confidence, strength and stability – we call it peace of mind. The peace of mind that travels along with you and your family in your well-seasoned travel trailer, the peace of mind guiding you down the road in your shiny, new convertible, the peace of mind on the water that keeps your hopes afloat.

Everything we do and how we do it, brings value to those we serve. From producers to consumers, vendors to investors – our service contract and extended warranty solutions produce greater results. We have over 35 years of service excellence, providing all forms of F&I products and services for all walks of life, and every vehicle that takes you there.

Interstate has built an extensive administrative infrastructure. Using our well-trained, friendly telephone support staff, consumers will find that answers to all of their questions are literally right at their fingertips. Our breakthrough processes dramatically speed and improve customer activation, claim processing and claim payment. Our internal technical staff has the proven expertise to rapidly assess problems and suggest repair locations.

Whether it’s our turn-key partner solutions or our tailored, high profile brands, Interstate strives to provide outstanding customer service that inspires confidence with our clients, backed by top notch service unsurpassed in the industry.